Little is known about the Vorgess religion, as the Vorgess themselves. Most outsiders believe that the gray-skinned Faeri worship an evil goddess, and while it is true that Sshaeldra is the mother of all Vorgess and not the most loving deity, this may not be the entire truth.


Gender: Female
Morals: Chaotic Neutral
Nicknames: Queen Bitch, Lady of the Shadows
Allies: Xzorissh
Enemies: Milgilore, Askari
Holy Text: Hzalkra
Domains: The Vorgess, caves, snakes
History: The youngest deity created by Sateer and Fai, Sshaeldra was the only female Faeri deity to engage in the early battles with her immortal siblings. When she grew weary of these upfront battles, Sshaeldra amused herself by using more subtle tactics to annoy her brothers and thwart their more minor plots. She created the Vorgess in her image and set them in the land of Aust with their Senjo brothers, much to Daifu's dismay. She is a goddess that enjoys mischief and can sometimes have a temper, though she is not the "demon-goddess" as many non-Vorgess believe her to be. Concerning herself with the guardianship of her mortal children, Sshaeldra still sometimes sticks her nose in her siblings' business, for no other reason than to stir up a little chaos. Otherwise, she keeps to herself, just as her wards do. She has a son, though whether his origins are half-mortal or purely divine are not known, as is most everything about the young deity.


Gender: Male
Morals: Chaotic Neutral
Nicknames: The Hidden One, Bitch's Son
Allies: Sshaeldra
Enemies: Milgilore, Askari
Holy Text: Hzalkra
Domains: The Vorgess, spies, trade
History: The son of Sshaeldra, even less is known about Xzorissh than his reclusive mother. He watches over the Vorgess with her and is known to support Vorgess spies and merchants, and to aid Sshaeldra in her inter-family mischief. Otherwise, even the Vorgess have little to say about this mysterious deity.