Unelanvhi is the religion of the Illph/Half-Illph and Illph Humans. It is not considered by some to be a "religion" as it isn't a faith all on its own; Unelanvhi is infused with a spirituality that cannot be separated from the Illph life and community at any point. Though Ehrdi's other religions have a racial origin and are mainly practiced by the same race today, most of them, like Cattòlico, can be practiced by all who wish to follow it. Like the Mungu Faith, Unelanvhi teaches that spirits reside in all living things. Though they still hunt and gather food from plants, animal life and the environment is sacred to followers of the Unelanvhi faith, and to waste any resource is nothing short of a sin. Spirits of the dead are believed to walk Ehrdi from time to time, often when they are denied entry into Adanvdo Elohi (the Spirit World) and have not been snatched away by a demon to be taken to Profundum.


Gender: Female
Morals: True Neutral
Nicknames: Ehrdi Mother, The Great Matron
Allies: None
Enemies: None
Holy Text: Uwetsi Elohi
Domains: The Illph, nature, mothers
History: Created after her brothers Migliore and Askari by the deities Sunteer and Fai, Etsi is the mother of all Illph. Seeing the chaos her brothers reaped, the more mellow Etsi gave her children, the Illph, a home in the middle of Vestin to help split up the warring Drude and Duendo nations. Though she has no fellow true Illph deities, Etsi watches over her mortal creations with the many spirits of the earth and guards the environment against harm. She is calm most of the time, though great transgressions made against nature have been known to anger her.