Toeball is a popular sport around Vestin, Suud, Nordin, and northwest Aust, but it started in the Illphi nation. It was later adopted by the Drude, who now have the most extensive professional toeball leagues in the world. The International Toeball Association (ITA) has been around for the past 600 years, and world cup tournaments are held every five years.


Toeball is overall a very simple game, and below are the main characteristics of it.

  • There are 7 players per team: 1 goalie, 3 defensive players, and 3 offensive players.
  • Professional toeball field are 150 yards (137.16 m) long and 75 yards (68.58 m) wide.
  • A toeball game is broken up into four 15-minute periods.
  • Goals are scored when ball goes through the goalpost between the end bars; the goalposts are like American football goalposts.
  • Each goal from within the defense box is 5 points.
  • Goals kicked from outside the defense box are 10 points.
  • Goals kicked from inside the center circle/other side are 15 points.
  • An opposing player must stay outside of the “goalie zone” when kicking for a goal.
  • The goalie must stay within the “defense box” when defending.
  • The goalie can only use his hands while in the "goalie zone"
  • The ball is tossed up at center field at the start of the game and at halftime.
  • Throw-ins must be made with the toes of the thrower touching the ground; it goes to the other team if the feet go off the ground.
  • Throw-ins must be thrown with hands behind the head; it goes to the other team if the ball is thrown with the hands starting in front of the head.
  • After a goal is scored, the defending team throws ball back into play from their defensive area to their teammates.
  • Only goalies may use their hands while the ball is in-play.
  • Players can use their hands when throwing the ball back into play (goal or out-of-bounds).



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