Continent: Aust
Nation: Drude
Captial: Estero
Climate: Continental
Population: 201,542,731
Ratio: 67% Drude, 15% Human, 10% Half-Drude, 5% Senjo, 3% Other
Languages: Druden, Senjose, Trade
Religions: Cattòlico, Glaubin, Butsudou
Government: Monarchy
Leader: King Enrico Ragusa (RM)
Currencies: Denaro, Geld
ITA Member: Yes
Slavery: Legal; Humans, Duendo, Half-Duendo

Quarto is the only Drude country not on the Vestin continent. It is instead located on the far northwest edge of Aust, and has the largest Senjo population out of the Druden countries.

Significance in Rune MasterEdit

In Rune Master, Quarto is where the story begins, in the port of Spiaggia. It is also the spot of the following:

  • Diyero and Kogeru fight their first gooz in Spiaggia.
  • Diyero and Kogeru met while they were both in Quarto.