Continent: Vestin
Nation: Drude
Capital: Valle
Climate: Continental, Highland, and Temperate
Population: 123,048,247
Ratio: 50% Drude, 27% Half-Drude, 18% Human 5% Other
Languages: Druden, Trade
Religions: Cattòlico, Glaubin
Government: Monarchy
Leader: King Gino Aceto IV (RM)
Currencies: Denaro, Geld
ITA Member: Yes
Slavery: Illegal

Primo is the northwesternmost country on the Vestin continent. It is a homeland for the Drude, and is the largest of their countries.

Significance in Rune MasterEdit

In Rune Master, Primo is the site of several incidents:

  • Diyero and friends meet Maggie in Mortecitta, a small town outside of Compilare.
  • The slayers meet Fayte in Valle.
  • Hikari joins the group while just outside of Valle.
  • The group slays a lamia at an inn.
  • The group slays an empusae in a run-down house.
  • Maggie and Fayte are natives of Primo.
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