Priests (and priestesses) are the mortal messengers of their god's teachings and lifestyles. Their specific practices and morals vary on the country and deities worshiped, but all holy men/women are granted at least minor abilities from their gods -- such as a slightly more charismatic appeal when preaching, or enhanced perception of others. Only the more devout priests are granted powers of healing, and even then, they are often minor. However, even the most powerful priest cannot raise the dead -- no deity grants such power. Some have the ability to bring a person who is at death's door back to a more stable state of body, but once someone dies, they remain dead, their soul gone to its proper afterlife. Priests of moderate power often have some ability to banish evil spirits and minor demons.


Shamen are the holy men of the Illph and Duendo. They often use herbal remedies as well as their god-granted powers to heal the sick, allow the dead to pass on peacefully, and even banish evil spirits. Some shamen have the ability to predict the future, though their visions are often hazy and debatable at best.


Bishops are Cattòlico priests of higher rank and power. They often have stronger healing and banishing abilities, and are known to take a somewhat political stance in the Cattòlico church to keep order and structure. Though most are true to their faith, they are the class most susceptible to corruption due to their close political ties.


Monks are a type of Butsudou priests dedicated to enlightenment through meditation and serenity. Many, but not all, shave their heads, wear orange (or purple, depending on the faction) and some take vows of celibacy. Some stay secluded in mountain monasteries, while others travel the roads to banish demons and spread their teachings, or to serve the common folk.


Druids are the priests of nature gods, and the powers granted to them are those relating to, of course, nature. They still have healing and banishing abilities, but they are more powerful in their ability to help nature flourish faster, communicate with animals and plants, and to weave nature to their whim. Datong produce more druids than the other races, while Drude druids are the rarest.


Kanushi (male; females are miko) are Butsudou priests, but unlike monks, they focus on service to the kami rather than enlightenment, though they too seek it. They dress in white, purple or red robes (miko wear white kimono with red hakama) according to their rank, often adorned with a black cap/hat in the style of ancient Senjo nobility. Though not required to be celibate, some kanushi choose to be, but most are married with children -- in fact, kanushi tend to run in families, and several generations of the same line have been known to maintain specific shrines.