Okane is the currency of Senjose countries. Coins are minted out of gold, silver and copper depending on the coin value. All Okane coins, except for the Okane itself, are round with square holes in the middle. This allows the coins to be stacked and carried on string for travel. The gold Okane coins are longer and ovular, with no holes. They are stored by stacking them in groups of ten and then the stacks are neatly wrapped in rice paper. The value of the coins are divided as such:

  • 1 okane = 6.5 oz of gold (gold)
  • 1 bu (silver) = 1/4 okane
  • 1 shu (silver) = 1/4 bu
  • 1000 mon (copper) = 1 bu
  • 500 mon (copper) = 1 shu
  • 4000 mon (copper) = 1 okane