Kido Mushin (Mushin Kido)
Time Period: Age of Unification
First Appearance: Page 13
Class: None/Child
Race: Senjose Human
Age: 6 (5 at start of RM)
Sexuality: Too young to determine
Morals: True Neutral (Too young for established morals)
Faith: Butsudou
Languages: Senjose and small bits of Trade
Weapon: None; doesn't fight
Fighting Styles: None; doesn't fight
DOB: 2/43/5570 AFE
Birthplace: Senjokuni
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 3'0" (0.91 m)
Weight: 45 lbs (20.41 kg)
Family: Kido Gijou (father - dead)

Mushin is a very quiet little girl, bordering on muteness. Though she is capable of speaking, she chooses not to most of the time. Also a shy individual, Mushin can often be found hiding her face in Kogeru's robes when approached by anyone other than Kogeru himself, and sometimes Diyero. Though at this point it is unknown why she travels with the two men, Mushin is obviously very attached to the ronin, looking up to him like an older brother or father. She is also growing fond of the strange Diyero, referring to him as "Uncle Diyo" and once in a while tries to communicate with him using the few Trade words she knows.



In Chapter 9 of Book I's flashback, Mushin is kidnapped by a cacus after Kogeru is injured by the giant. Witness to the scene, Diyero chases after the monster and rescues the girl. After Kogeru comes to, he decides to follow Diyero to help repay saving Mushin's life. Though overall still quiet and shy around Diyero and everyone else besides the other Senjose, Mushin seems not to mind Diyero too much after he rescued her... Even if he is a "giant" himself.

Chapter 10 of Book I finally explained why Mushin is in Kogeru's care, despite not being his own. Mushin was the sole child of a ronin, Kido Gijou. Gijou worked as a bodyguard in a brothel, and befriended Kogeru soon after meeting him, offering the Half-Senjo another bodyguard job. Though Mushin was often shy around other people, she quickly took a liking to Kogeru and began to look up towards him as a second father figure.

A few months following, the brothel was attacked by Ontai and his yakuza gang whom wanted the business for themselves. A fight ensued, during which Gijou was slain. Before his death, Gijou asked Kogeru to take care of Mushin... A last request Kogeru has remained true to and takes very seriously.

Mushin doesn't say much and lets the adults handle the situation most of the time. Template:SpoilerEnd


  • She understands much more Trade than she can actually speak.