Yubi Kogeru (Kogeru Yubi)
Time Period: Age of Unification
First Appearance: Page 9
Classes: Bushi
Race: Half-Senjo
Age: 34 (33 at start of RM)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Morals: Lawful Good
Faith: Butsudou
Languages: Senjose, Trade
Weapon: Tsume no Tatsu (enchanted odachi)
Fighting Styles: Tooi-Ayofu
DOB: 1/12/5542 AFE
Birthplace: Senjokuni
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5'3" (1.6 m)
Weight: 143 lbs (64.86 kg)
Family: Currently unknown

Kogeru is a ronin -- a masterless bushi from the Senjo nation. By the time he met Diyero, he was already a long time wanderer and guardian of Mushin. He is like many from his homeland of Senjokuni: bound by honor and a sense of duty. Though his duty isn't to any lord or ruler like most bushi, Kogeru does feel a sense of duty to his friends and companions, most of all to little Mushin. He has a deep soft spot for the child, and his affection shows. It is unknown what happened to his right eye and his hands, and it may never be known, because Kogeru refuses to talk about it. A good natured soul, Kogeru is more an introvert, acting rather than talking, and preferring to speak only when he feels something needs to be said. In traveling with Diyero, this happens more often than Kogeru is accustomed to.



During the events of the flashback during Chapter 9 of Book I, Kogeru is incapacitated by a cacus that kidnaps Mushin. While the bushi is out of the fight, Diyero rescues Mushin and kills the fire giant. Grateful to the strange Duendai man, Kogeru decided to follow Diyero in his travels.

Not much is known about Kogeru at present. He's been traveling with Diyero for the past two years since the cacus event, and has been Mushin's guardian even longer than that.

The reason behind his guardianship was revealed in Chapter 10 of Book I. During his days as a lone ronin, Kogeru eventually came upon a small town in Senjokuni, near broke and starving. While eating a cheap meal at a run-down restaurant, he met Gijou, a fellow ronin who offered him employment as a brothel bodyguard. Kogeru accepted the offer and the two became fast friends. Gijou's daughter, Mushin, also took a liking to Kogeru, and the three worked and lived together happily for a few months.

Unfortunately, the brothel was attacked by Ontai and his yakuza gang whom wanted the business for themselves. A fight ensued, during which Gijou was slain. Before his death, Gijou asked Kogeru to take care of Mushin... A last request Kogeru has remained true to and takes very seriously.

He is also old friends with Hikari, but neither has yet revealed how they know each other.



  • He doesn't know exactly what "mummy hands" means, but he knows Diyero intends it for at least a semi-insult.
  • He has a light sagittal abdominal hair pattern below his belly button (That's "happy trail" for those of you unfamiliar with more scientific terms).
  • He is a pescetarian (someone who doesn't eat meat from mammals or birds, but does eat seafood).