Kautshka Gingbeck
Time Period: Age of Unification
First Appearance: Page 571
Class: None/Child
Race: Datong/Subagel Half-Breed
Age: 3
Sexuality: Too young to determine
Morals: True Neutral (Too young for established morals)
Faith: Mix of Geloof and Ortodoksal'nyi
Languages: Trade with a little bit of Datongone and Subagish
Weapons: None; doesn't fight
Fighting Styles: None; doesn't fight
DOB: 3/1/5573 AFE
Birthplace: Subendia
Eyes: Light Green
Hair: Golden Yellow
Height: 3'2" (0.97 m)
Weight: 31 lbs (14.06 kg)
Family: Nishkar (father), Aislin (mother); younger sibling on the way

While not the first of his kind, Kautshka's Datong and Subagel heritages tend to throw strangers off-guard. He is still young and playful, enjoying the teasing games his parents often play. Nishkar and Aislin are raising him to be mindful of nature and the spirit worlds, and to help those in need.

Kautshka is instantly amused by Diyero and the other slayers when they meet, and quickly makes friends with Mushin.


Kautshka was born not too long after his parents settled in their new grove. He is currently their only child, but a younger sibling is on the way. Kautshka looks forward to being an old brother and having a new playmate in his life.


  • He could fly before he could fully walk.