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Kalanu Aduladi
Time Period: Age of Unification
First Appearance: Page 410
Class: Townsman, Mage
Race: Half-Illph
Age: 25
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Morals: Chaotic Good
Faith: Unelanvhi
Languages: Illphi and Trade
Weapons: Her fists and feet, and serving trays
Fighting Styles: Whatever she can come up with
DOB: 3/34/5550 AFE
Birthplace: Galivladi
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Height: 5'5” (1.65 m)
Weight: 137 lbs (62.14 kg)
Family: Goga (father), Wesa (mother - dead)

Perhaps the first (non-loose) woman to resist the urge to react violently to Diyero's flirting, Kalanu is a barmaid in a small bar run by her father. At first very skeptic of Diyero and his friends' abilities to take on demons, (wondering if their current success has more to do with luck, rather than skill), she has started to befriend the crew. She has the innate ability to cast arcane magic, but a lack of knowledge in Archaic prevents her from doing much with it. Though not formally educated, Kalanu is literate in both Trade and Illphi, and is greatly interested in anything related to the arcane arts - history, spells, alchemy, magical theory and mathematics - if it's arcane, she'll happily read about it. Kalanu is headstrong and fairly quick of wit, and sometimes even quicker to irritation. However, she does have a prominent caring and helpful side as well, as evidenced by her willing to teach Mushin Trade with encouraging patience.


Template:SpoilerStart A native to the town of Tsisquohi, Kalanu has rarely traveled more than a dozen or so miles from its borders, except when visiting her father’s relatives in Eladi. She is the only child of Goga and Wesa, which makes her father rather overprotective... Especially after her mother died. Though the comic rarely mentions her mother, the side stories explain that Wesa passed away from Pestus, a deadly infectious disease that only affects Humans. This is also why most of Tsisquohi's population is Faeri and Half-Faeri.

She is best friends with Awie, the wife of the town's weapon smith, Gvnigeyona. Awie is rarely seen in-comic, but she is Kalanu's oldest and closest friend. Kalanu and Awie are only two months apart in age, and were practically raised together. Both lost a Human parent during the aforementioned plague, an event that drew them closer as friends.

As of Chapter 13 of Book I, Diyero began to teach Kalanu Archaic (so that she may become more practiced in her magical talents). However, this came with a condition -- that he remains sober. In exchange for this, Kalanu taught him Illphi so that he may better interact with her and the other townsfolk in their native tongue.

Unfortunately, during the festival in Chapter 15 of Book I, Diyero and Kalanu unintentionally got drunk and slept together. This event created a rift between the two, and Diyero left town soon after to tie up loose ends in his home village. He returned in Chapter 4 of Book II, but Kalanu still refuses to talk with him.


  • Her name means “raven” in Illphi.
  • She tends to get motion sickness while traveling, which is one of the main reasons she seldom does it.
  • Her earrings belonged to her mother, who gave them to Kalanu before she died.
  • Her maternal ancestors belonged to the Beaver Clan, before Illphi clans became more diverse and less restrictive.