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Jabin Kwamti
Time Period: Age of Unification
First Appearance: Page 514
Classes: Warrior
Race: Half-Duendo
Age: 43
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Morals: Chaotic Good
Faith: Mungu (Casual follower)
Languages: Duendai, Illphi
Weapon: Spear
Fighting Style: Mbali-choma
DOB: 4/19/5533 AFE
Birthplace: Atatu
Eyes: Black
Hair: Red (dyed; naturally black)
Height: 6'4" (1.93 m)
Weight: 185 lbs (83.91 kg)
Family: Penda (first wife - deceased), Sauda (second wife), Diyero (son), and Azize (son).

Diyero's father, Jabin is a bit of a racist against the Drude wary of any other non-Duendo, and slightly grumpy. Despite these flaws, however, Jabin also possesses a very wry sense of humor and is a loving, if teasing, father and husband. He shares a lot of physical traits and some mannerisms with his eldest son, but Jabin is more subtle in his playfulness than Diyero is.

Widowed after the slaver raid on their village years ago, Jabin is overjoyed to discover his son, Thimba (known to others as Diyero), is still alive and well.



A talented hunter and warrior of the Maawio-Atatu tribe, Jabin met Penda when they were both young teenagers at an inter-tribal festival's spear fighting competition. The two adolescents first met in the fighting ring - a match that ended in Penda's victory. The two became good friends shortly afterwards, and would hang out whenever Jabin and his father were visiting Penda's village.

Shortly after reaching marrying age, Jabin married Penda, whom he'd been smitten with for quite some time. Barely a year later, the couple welcomed their first (and consequently, only) child into the world, Thimba (Diyero). During these years of happy marriage and fatherhood - tinged with the frequent misadventures his dumb-luck ridden son stumbled into - Jabin was an outgoing, teasing and cheerful fellow.

After the slaver raid that killed his beloved Penda and stole his son, Jabin's heart darkened with bitterness and anger. This depression plagued the young man for years, and it was with reluctance that he followed the village elder's advice and remarried.

For his second wife, Jabin picked Sauda, a woman from another tribe he met after the slaver raid and befriended over time during many trade transactions. Sauda fell in love with Jabin long before he proposed to her, but the emotionally crushed warrior remained oblivious to this fact - for a time.

Eventually, Sauda gave birth to Azize, and it was then that Jabin's heart began to soften again. Becoming a father again renewed a sense of meaning in Jabin's life, and also made him realize that loved Sauda as she did him, though Penda would also hold a place in his heart.

Though out of his depression, Jabin still retains fringes of the dark bitterness left by the raid - as demonstrated by his loathing of Drude and wariness of non-Duendo.



  • Jabin wears Penda's mahaba necklace on his left wrist - the same side his wedding tattoos are on - as a memento of his late first wife.