Infecundus is a herbaceous perennial plant originally native to the temperate climes of the Vestin continent, though its adaptability and widespread use led it to grow in most corners of the world.

Infecundus is primarily used by Ehrdians as a form of birth control. This is consumed usually in the form of powder ground from the plant's roots and leaves, the powder then mixed in with a drink. A proper dosage of infecundus makes a male temporarily infertile for approximately nine days (one week). Eating the roots raw is more potent, and the effects tend to last twelve to fifteen days when the plant is consumed in this fashion. However, due to its rather bitter taste, most men take it in powder-drink form.

Infecundus is found in most markets and rarely costs much, except in rare cases of lack of supply. All races except the Dragons have a widespread use of the herb, though some cultures are more openly accepting of its use than others.