Home Continents: Vestin, Aust, Nordin, Sudau
Countries: Primo, Secondo, Terzo, Quarto, Agasgani, Galivladi, Duyugodiv, Eladi, Mosi, Pili, Atatu, Aishi, Sokuhen, Naichi, Migigawa, Senjokuni, Vorgansa, Kefalê, Omoplate, Gonu, Poiou, Oaktulos, North Drasheh, South Drasheh
Languages: Trade and Druden, Senjose, Illphi, Duendi, Vorgessan, Draconic, or Zieek
Slavery: Varies on nation
Relationships: Varies on nation
Average Height: 5'-6'
Average Weight: 152 lbs
Lifespan: 75 years
Focus: Varies on nation
Holidays/Festivals: N/A
Notable Members: Hanzo (Senjose), Hikari (Senjose), Fayte Higgi (Druden), Gijou Kido (Senjose), Mushin Kido (Senjose), Maggie Magdalene (Druden), Ontai (Senjose)

Until recently, Humans in Ehrdi have been at the "bottom of the social chain," so to speak. For centuries, they've been the slaves of Faeri, Dragons, and Ziegun, though such practices are now banned except for a few countries. Thanks to the ages of slavery, however, Humans have no true unique culture of their own and instead are fully integrated into the local society they live in; for most Humans, this means a Faeri nation, though Humans are also common in Ziegun countries and a few are found in the Dragon lands. Since the days of slavery have ended in most areas (at least legally), Humans are now considered to be equal to the other races in most areas, though some discrimination still exists. Humans' attitude reflects the nation they reside in, and can be anything from the Drude's ideal of comfort and wealth to the Ziegun's life of arts and studying. They are perhaps the most adaptable of the races, and are more prone to wanderlust than most others.

Though they have no official "subraces," humans are as varied as the Faeri in appearance and often look similar to the main race of the nation they reside in; their skin ranges from dark brown to near-white peach. Their hair colors are either black, dark brown, brown, auburn, blond, or red. Human eyes are often a shade of brown or blue, but green and gray are also known to appear.

Humans with a significant amount of Faeri blood (More or exactly 1/4, but less than 1/2) are known as "Sub-Faeri" and are usually referred to by their distant Faeri lineage; for example, a Human with a Half-Illph father and an Illphi Human mother would be known as a Sub-Illph. Sub-Faeri look just like "full" Humans except for the fact they have slightly pointed ears. They also tend to age slightly slower than full Humans, living on average ten years longer.

Since Humans are so integrated into other cultures, they don't have detailed cultural information of their own like the other races. Instead, look to the Faeri and Ziegun cultural pages to get a good idea of how Humans live.

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