Home Continent: Vestin, Aust
Countries/Territories: Primo, Secondo, Terzo, Quarto, Agasgani, Galivladi, Duyugodiv, Eladi, Mosi, Pili, Atatu, Aishi, Sokuhen, Naichi, Migigawa Senjokuni, Vorgansa
Languages: Trade and Druden, Senjose, Illphi, Duendai, or Vorgessan
Slavery: Varies on nation
Relationships: Varies on nation
Average Height: 4'8"-6'0"
Average Weight: 146 lbs
Lifespan: 150 years
Focus: Varies on nation
Holidays/Festivals: N/A
Notable Members: Diyero Rube (Duendai), Kalanu Aduladi (Illphi), Kogeru Yubi (Senjose), Liberio/Jaap (Vorgessan),

Half-Faeri are the result of thousands of years of Human enslavement in Faeri cultures and the inevitable breeding between the two. Because of their high numbers, Half-Faeri are fully integrated into their Faeri homelands and aren't considered odd by their pure blood kin. Though few Half-Faeri feel outcasted due to their heritage, they are the race (after Humans) most prone to wanderlust, though the majority of them remain in the nation of their birth.

Their views and cultural traditions depend on which Faeri nation they come from, varying from the Duendo's warrior spirit to the honor-bound traditions of the Senjo. They are rarely referred as Half-Faeri other than collectively, but rather by the subrace of their Faeri bloodline -- for example, a Half-Faeri whose father was a Vorgess Faeri will be known as a Half-Vorgess.

Half-Faeri take on the appearance of their Faeri sires, though often their skin is a few shades lighter and their size somewhat smaller or larger, depending on the size of their Human parent. Their skin tones range from dark brown to near pale, and their hair from black to blond. Their eyes are most often brown or blue, but can also be black, green or gray, depending on their Faeri blood. Their ears are pointed, but notably shorter, like those of their Faeri parents, and longer than their Human parents' ears; usually, Half-Faeri ears are about 4-5 inches in length.

Like the Faeri, Half-Faeri women go through natural, brief stages of infertility to prevent overpopulation. Because of their shorter lifespan, however, their stages of infertility usually cycle every 5-10 years after age 30 or so, but only last 3-7 years. This continues until they hit menopause around age 100-105.

Like most Humans, Half-Faeri are integrated into Faeri society and therefore do not have specific cultural information listed here, as that can be found in the Faeri subrace pages.

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