Home Continents: Aust, Sudau
Territories: North Drasheh, South Drasheh
Languages: Draconic, Trade
Slavery: Legal in North Drasheh
Relationships: Neutral to all
Average Height: 6'-7'
Average Weight: 300 lbs
Lifespan: 500 years
Focus: Arcane arts
Holidays/Festivals: N/A
Notable Members: N/A

Half-Dragons are the rarest among the common half-breeds, and the only of the three to be considered "odd" -- the others are common enough to be accepted into society. Because of this, few Half-Dragons travel away from their Draconic parents' home, and those that do tend to form bands with other outcasts.

Many Half-Dragons are tough and grim, but few are as "nasty as they look." They often keep to themselves since most non-Draconic societies ostracize them, but are steadfast and loyal friends to those who earn their trust.

Half-Dragons' skin reflects the color of their Draconic parents' scales/fur and ranges from green to red. Their eyes are yellow, orange or red, also like their Draconic sires. Most Half-Dragons don't have hair, but those who do have the same color as their Human parent's, ranging from blond to black.

Since Half-Dragons are half-breeds, they don't really have a culture of their own, and are instead integrated into Dragon culture or whatever society in which they reside, so they don't have detailed cultural information here.