Glaubin is a faith followed only by Humans and Half-Breeds, and is rarely followed without another religion in hand, mainly because Glaubin has little structure than teach who created the Humans and to live a just life. The afterlife of a Glaubin follower is affected mainly by what other religion he/she worships; if there isn't any, then the good and just are accepted into the heavens with Huerr, while the evil are cast down into Profundum. Priests of Glaubin are granted fewer abilities than holy men of other faiths, though they are content to serve their creator faithfully, regardless.


Gender: Male
Morals: Lawful Neutral
Nicknames: Wingless One, The First Slave
Allies: Golub
Enemies: Arch-Demons
Holy Text: Vurt
Domains: Humans, survival
History: Though the first (and only) Human deity and the creator of the Human race, Huerr was originally a Subagel created by Golub. He served the Subagel goddess honorably and faithfully until his battle with the arch-demon Bielzu. In the conflict, Huerr's wings were torn from him. After he killed the treacherous Bielzu, Huerr left the Subagel heavens in shame of his wingless state. Out of sorrow and loneliness, he created wingless mortals that looked similar to as he now did and named them Humans, spreading them across the continents Vestin, Aust, and Nordin. This happened during the wars that still raged between the Faeri deities, and in the chaos, Milgilore took Huerr as his slave for the next thousand years. Though Huerr's creations were an adaptive folk, they met the same fate as their creator, becoming slaves to the many Faeri subraces, the Ziegun, and even some Dragons. Huerr earned his freedom when Milgilore's son, Gesù, mellowed the fiery Drude deity and convinced his father to rid himself of the evils of slavery. Huerr holds a slight grudge against Milgilore for his imprisonment, but has mostly forgiven the god and remains neutral to him.