The Geloof Faith is the religion of the furry Datong, and is rarely found in practice outside of Suud. Like the religions of the Illph and the Duendo, Geloof teaches that there are spirits within nature, in every living thing. Plants and animals are needed for survival, but they are also to be respected, as everything in nature, including the sentient races, are interconnected. Though good and evil play a role in Geloof, they are not focused on as much as the struggle between law and chaos. Geloof favors neutrality between all things, but law and chaos the most. Balance is nature, and anything else can upset the order of things. When the balance must be tipped, however, let it be towards good, as it is more likely to keep nature intact. Followers of Geloof are reborn in a new form each time they die, though those of lesser balance often find a lower place on the food chain in their next life.


Gender: Female
Morals: True Neutral
Nicknames: Names
Allies: Dier
Enemies: Arch-Demons
Holy Text: Blad
Domains: The Datong, druids, nature
History: The last deity created by Muder, Aard strongly believes in the balance of the universe. She created Suud as a haven for nature and its children. She then created the god Dier as the overseer of animals, and brought the Datong into being as the mortal caretakers of nature. Most druids, Datong or not, pay homage to Aard, and she in turn grants them special powers to protect her beloved nature.


Gender: Male
Morals: True Neutral
Nicknames: The Beast Lord, Great Lion
Allies: Aard
Enemies: Arch-Demons
Holy Text: Aanzetten
Domains: The Datong, animals, druids
History: Created by Aard to be the guardian of animals, Dier takes his job seriously. He is known to be somewhat gruff and a little temperamental, but he believes in the balance as much as his mother does, and keeps things within the animal kingdom in line as best he can.