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Fayte Higgi
Time Period: Age of Unification
First Appearance: Page 162
Class: Brawler
Race: Druden Human
Age: 16 (15 at first appearance)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Morals: Neutral Good
Faith: Cattòlico
Languages: Druden and Trade
Weapon: His fists and feet
Fighting Styles: Uses techniques from toeball matches and just flat-out, free-form brawling
DOB: 2/15/5560 AFE
Birthplace: Primo
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Honey Brown
Height: 5'10" (1.78 m)
Weight: 165 lbs (74.84 kg)
Family: Older brother, parents

Possibly toeball's biggest celebrity, Fayte made it into the professional and international leagues at the age of 14. The crew met him on their first trip to Primo, where the young athlete was being threated to throw a game in favor of a gang boss' betting habits. Fayte did not comply, and when violence broke out, the young teen proved he was more than capable of taking care of himself. Though he'll sometimes jokingly refer to himself as "awesome" or "the best," Fayte actually doesn't let his fame go to his head. Quite mature (and tall) for his age, the young sports star nearly always keeps up a cool, calm front... One that betrays his inner, goofy, fun-loving self. Though Diyero and his crew have yet to see much of it, Fayte does have a lighthearted, quick-witted side that he tends to lets shine once in a while. A loyal friend and caring (yet perhaps a bit "rough around the edges"), Fayte is a handy man to have in a fix, and won't back down from a challenge.


Fayte was born to a middle class family, the younger of two sons. He got into toeball at age 4 when his older brother started playing in recreation leagues, and their parents decided they might as well sign up both sons. Though his brother enjoyed the sport and played it for five years, to Fayte it was a huge passion, and it was clear very early on that the boy had talent.

He played recreation toeball until a professional league agent recruited him when he began playing toeball for his school team. Now on the Valle Wolves, Fayte divides his time between sports, family/friends, and school. He takes his fame in stride, and always treats his fans kindly -- without being a show-off.


  • He can crack his knuckles and fingers on a whim at any given time.
  • His toes are very long (the second ones are about 2 inches [5.08 cm] in length!), and he can easily pick up various small and light objects with his them.