Though there are common forms and "species" of demon, they are overall unique creatures, especially at the higher ranks of power. However, there are some common features that many (but not necessarily all) demons share. Lesser demons like Gooz tend not to have many abilities other than those unique to those their kind.

Reoccurring Demonic Abilities:

  • Mild resistance to non-enchanted weapons.
  • Ability to possess mortals:
    • Simple Possession: Control of multiple persons at once, but only of basic functions such as attacking, running, jumping and so on; advanced thought and placement of a demon's actual mind into a possessee are impossible.
    • Advanced Possession: Complete control for a single individual where the demon's mind is actually inside the host body. Death of the host body sends the demon mind back to its own body in the hells and weakens the demon considerably, delaying its entrance into the mortal plane for at least a decade.

Arch demons are even more powerful than average devils, and as such have extra abilities and traits than make them especially dangerous when released on the mortal plane.

Arch demon Traits:

  • Strong to complete resistance to non-enchanted weapons.
  • Can't (completely) leave the Hells without considerable strength/power.
  • Ability to possess a single mortal being and use them as a vessel of their minds while they gather power to physically leave the Hells
    • However, elaborate rituals are required for arch demons to possess a mortal mind.
  • Regeneration of most body parts.
  • When physically in the mortal world, archdemons generally only die for good if there is irreparable damage done to their central nervous system.
    • Otherwise, when enough damage is done to their bodies, arch demons become too weak to stay outside of the hells, and return there to regain enough power and energy to return to the mortal world. This often takes at least several decades, and the stronger the archdemon, the more time they need to return if weakened.
    • They can possess a host to help regain power, but it takes at least a few years before they can even resort to that.