Briana Higgins
Position in Ehrdi: Creator/Art Monkey/Writer
YOB: 1986
Height: 5'1''
Weight: Too much
Status: Senior in college

Briana Higgins is the creator of the Ehrdi universe and co-writer/artist of Rune Master. She maintains the websites and pretty much just keeps things running (hopefully) nice and smooth. Right now she just hopes to make it out of college with a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts... After that, things are kind of hazy, though she would enjoy working in the cartooning or gaming industry. She also intends to drag Carissa down to Georgia one day so she can have somebody to room with after college who'll keep her amused.


  • Briana made a cameo on page 332 of Rune Master with her friend Drew. She also omitted her dual earrings in the appearance, as she often does when she doodles herself. One would think after several years with pierced ears, Briana'd remember that she has two earrings in each ear, but apparently it still manages to slip her mind.
  • Briana, while over 21, never drinks alcohol, but also doesn't find it immoral when done responsibly. Kind of a funny combination with Diyero as her iconic character, eh?
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