Arion Zorba
Time Period: Age of Unification
First Appearance: Page 66
Class: Teacher
Race: Ziegun
Age: 31
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Morals: Neutral Good
Faith: Zieek Pantheon
Languages: Zieek and Trade
Weapon: None; doesn't fight
Fighting Style: None; doesn't fight
DOB: 3/2/5544 AFE
Birthplace: Kefalê
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'7" (1.7 m)
Weight: 150 lbs (68.04 kg)
Family: Myron (Younger brother), Damara (wife), parents

Arion is Myron's older brother, and the first Ziegun Kogeru and Diyero met when they came to after crashing onto Kefalê's shores. He, like his brother, is a rather mellow individual, and gladly offers the demon slayers to stay at his house for as long as they need to. Unlike Myron, Arion isn't very combat-oriented, and teaches philosophy at the local university. He was content staying in their hometown and married Damara when he was 26, though the couple have yet to produce any children. Arion knows his listless brother was discontent staying in Kefalê for some time, and supported Myron's decision to follow Diyero and Kogeru -- under the promise he come back and visit once in a while.


  • He was an honor student in school, though he did cut classes once in a while.
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