The Age of Unification is the current time period in Rune Master and began in 4000 AFE and is at 5575 AFE when Rune Master starts.


Their great empire now reduced to northern Vestin, the Drude concerned themselves with internal politics, but kept their international trade strong. This helped to boost the global economy and keep the distant nations connected. Around 4500 AFE, a few Drude revolutionaries proposed the International Trade Alliance. This helped to strengthen the link between the nations, leading to a more unified globe -- even though each nation still retained its own political laws and sovereignty. Advancements in not only magic, but philosophy led to the decline of slavery in all forms. Though it still exists in Ehrdi today, it remains legal in only a few countries, and the total number of (legal) slaves number in the thousands, rather than the millions of the past.

Current Events

The present day of Ehrdi lies currently in this era; one that doesn't show any signs of ending any time soon. Though the world is far from perfect, or anywhere near the former glory of the Ancients' empire, most Ehrdians are enjoying a way of life that hasn't been experienced in eons.

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