The Age of Primitives lasted from approximately - 25,000 AFE to -15,000 AFE.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Aside from the Dragons, who were fully intelligent from the start, the people of this era used privative tools and were just developing their culture and languages. They rarely lived past their 30's (50's if they were Faeri) and did little except what was required for survival. They were little more than animals, communicating more through instinct and action rather than civility and speech. Though the most mentally advanced race, Dragons cared little about the woes of the "lesser" races and stayed mainly in their cavern homes in North and South Drasheh.

The Coming of Primitives[edit | edit source]

Once the creation process was over, the mortal races were left to fend for themselves. During this time the Faeri had only just begun dividing themselves by subraces, which they broke into five general clans. These simple folk mainly kept to themselves, sometimes traveling with the animal herds, other times rooting themselves in one location for several years.

The Ancients[edit | edit source]

One race, however, developed much faster than the others. Known today simply as the "Ancients," these people of middle-Vestin quickly began to advance technologically, culturally, and magically. By -15,000 AFE, the Ancients had achieved a civilization as great as any modern day society.

End of the Age[edit | edit source]

The Age of Primitives ended with the Rise of the Ancients circa -15,000 AFE.

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