The Age of the Nomads lasted from 0 AFE to 1262 AFE.

Overview[edit | edit source]

With the fall of the Ancients came the fall of technology and magical advancements. Though the Ancients' decline was over thousands of years, their final deaths impacted the world more than Ehrdians would have imagined. Many of the Ancient's magic disappeared with their last breatheren's breath, while much of their texts and monuments were burned and destroyed by disgruntled ex-slaves of the fallen empire. The long-term retreat of the Ancients led to the return of isolation for all but the Vestin continent, and technology reverted back to near-privative times. The fairly young race known as Humans were found in central Vestin, the former home of the Ancients. Despite this, they were perhaps the least advanced of the races, though they would catch up within a few centuries.

A Return to Simplicity[edit | edit source]

Though Vestin was the final stand of the Ancients, culture and advancements still suffered after their death. The Drude managed to stay fairly far ahead of all except perhaps the Senjo in terms of weaponry and education, but they still reverted to a more nomadic lifestyle. Within about half an eon, the Ancients were almost entirely forgotten, most of their cities lying in ruin, if any were left at all. Ehrdians, save for the isolated Dragons and the somewhat advanced Ziegun, returned to roaming for some time. While the Ziegun did not revert to nomadic ways like the rest of the world, during this period they were preoccupied with internal struggles and affairs, and as a whole left outsiders alone.

End of the Age[edit | edit source]

A little more than a thousand years after the Ancients died out, nomadic roaming had, for the most part, come to a stop as Ehrdians rediscovered farming and herding techniques. The Ziegun began re-exploring the world and spreading their knowledge, another factor that brought about an end to this age. By 1262 AFE, most of the world had moved onwards, bringing about the Age of Exploration.

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