The Age of Exploration lasted from 1262 AFE to 2040 AFE.


With the (re)rise in technology and natural curiosity that came at the end of the second nomadic days, the Drude had built a fairly advanced (though nothing compared to the Ancients' wonders) society superior to all but perhaps the Senjo and Ziegun. Wishing to rediscover the "forgotten lands," the Drude ventured forth on their home continent, soon coming across the tribal Humans, Illph and Duendo. At first they traded with these "primitive" people, but after a century or so the greedy Drude began enslaving some of their Human neighbors in small raids, though they did not seek total conquest of foreign lands -- yet. They sent their ships overseas and made contact with the Senjo, who were less than thrilled at the strange foreigners, but allowed them to dock at port cities.

Expanding SouthwardsEdit

For some time, the Drude remained content venturing through the lands of Vestin and Aust, but as two thousand years past the fall of the Ancients, the pale-skinned Faeri ventured out into the sea once more, this time to find the Ziegun, Subagel and Datong. They formed trade relations with the races and grew rich from various imported goods -- beautiful statues from Nordin, exotic foods and clothes from Suud, and exotic weapons from Aust. As their economy flourished, however, the Drude grew more ambitious, leading to the Age of Conquest.